Review | Stranger, Seducer, Protector by Joanna Wayne

Spoiler Free

“I’m just looking for the truth… no matter how perverse it turns out to be.”

Published: October 4, 2011

Publisher: Harlequin

Pages: 216 (Mass Market Paperback)

Series: Shivers #8; Vieux Carré Captives #2

4 Stars

She had just inherited a whole new set of problems and the last thing she needed was a sexy neighbor she knew absolutely nothing about to complicate matters.

Stranger. Out of nowhere, Nick Bruno arrived at the once opulent, now decaying New Orleans mansion Jacinth Villaré had inherited.

Seducer. The sexy P.I. touched a part of her she’d never known existed.

Protector. When a gruesome crime was discovered in the walls of the Villaré mansion, Nick vowed to keep her safe.

As Jacinth uncovered the long-dead secrets of her newly discovered family, she was haunted by their spirits—and stalked by a very real killer. Though dark and menacing, her family secrets couldn’t rival the one Nick kept hidden. He’d vowed to protect her, but could he save her from the truth about himself?


I snagged this discontinued Harlequin series after seeing Bree from Falling for Romance talk about it on Instagram! She’s the queen of gothic romance and I always get all the best book recommendations from her, so when I saw she shared this 8 book gothic romance series from Harlequin I knew I had to have them! Harlequin Shivers is a small series of standalone books that have classic gothic and spooky elements to them; making them catnip for me!

I ordered all eight books and decided to start with Stranger, Seducer, Protector because I loved the idea of an inherited New Orleans mansion and a scholar who needs protection from a hot private investigator. And I totally loved this!

I loved the atmosphere and the mystery to this; it almost felt like a true crime novel with the whole dead girls in the walls plot line. I have to admit I was totally clueless in where the mystery was going or what was happening, and I loved that this book could deliver that page-turning mystery I wanted! So many family secrets here and it was a multi-layered mystery, both past and present.

This is a shorter book but it really packs a punch! Now, there was some discrepancies in smaller things that both confused me and made me wonder if this had an editor…. like at one point Carrie is said to currently be in her 30’s, but when they talked to her she said she was in her 40’s years prior. I’m not great at math, but seems fishy, yes? Also, there’s a part in the book where Jacinth and Nick go to the nursing home and the administrator asks if they need help and it says “are you to hear to see” instead of “are you two here to see” and I cackled. It was such a dumb typo.

The romance elements here were top notch, as well! There was instant chemistry between Nick and Jacinth that felt authentic but didn’t feel forced, which can be a problem for shorter books like this. It was fun, it was spooky, it was mysterious, it was sexy! I think Jacinth being a post-graduate student and a teacher at Tulane really added to the story for me since having a main character be a scholar is one of my favorite elements in a romance!

I really really really enjoyed this and I was honestly sad about finishing the book! I remember one day I was looking forward to picking it up before I realized that I had already finished it! I can’t wait to pick up the other books in this series!

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