Monthly TBR | December 2020


Happy Decemeber!

It’s officially the Holiday season and I’m very excited! I’ve already finished Christmas shopping for my husband so I feel like I can focus on getting more in the Holiday spirit and for me that means reading Holiday romance, rewatching the Christmas Prince trilogy on Netflix, and baking cookies!

I have lots of great Holiday reading options that I was super excited to try and squeeze in this month! A lot of the ones I picked for this month’s planned TBR are on the shorter side, so I added five planned books for December with the option of adding some more audiobooks or other novellas into the mix if I feel like it! I’ve been enjoying reading Harlequin novels lately which always round out at like 120-200 pages so they’re really easy to binge, so I may add one or two in this month!

I had a ton of Christmas romances on my Kindle from like years ago, so I was happy that I’ll have a good mix of new and old books this month!

1) Christmas Ever After

My first planned read of the month is my ARC copy of Christmas Ever After, the September release from Karen Schaler, the writer behind the Christmas Prince trilogy (my favorite!). I got the eARC from NetGalley back in September or October, but I wanted to save it for December because I need my Holiday romances to get me in the Christmas spirit. I just started this two days ago and I’m only 7% in but I’m really liking it! It’s very witty and totally reads like a Hallmark/Christmas movie, which is exactly what I was looking for! Another plus side for reading this is that it’ll knock a book off my NetGalley line-up! It’s a win-win situation! A Holiday read, a NetGalley book, and a recent release! Follow me on Instagram and Goodreads for reading updates!

2) Royal Date

I literally bought this book in 2017 and am just now getting to it…. but in my defense I never look on my Kindle! The synopsis for this sounds really good and I can see why I was attracted to it three years ago, so I’m looking forward to picking it up this month! I have a love for Holiday reads and for royal romance, so finding something that mixes the two is like total catnip for me! It has some really good reviews on Goodreads, too, and it’s actually the first book in a series so if I like it maybe I’ll be picking up the next in the series! It’s on the shorter side with only 254 pages, so I’m thinking this will be a fun little Holiday read for the season!

3) The Earl of Christmas Past

My first official planned novella for the month is the latest release from Kerrigan Byrne, The Earl of Christmas Past! It actually just released on December 1st and I had preordered it the week or two prior because the early reviews were so so good and I may have only read one of her books, but Kerrigan Byrne knocked my socks off! This is only 111 pages so I may just start it now and pick along while I’m reading my other book, but I kind of want to be able to sit and savor it! I’m very excited because this has a little paranormal element in the shape of a ghost who is the hero of the story… can’t wait to see how that turns out!

4) A Timeless Christmas

Okay so everyone has been talking about how good this Hallmark movie was, my mom included, so I went ahead and picked up the ebook because I don’t have cable and can’t watch the movie. I, admittedly, have no real idea what this book is about and I totally bought it without reading the synopsis. I only know it’s a holiday romance with a time travel/historical aspect and I’m already hooked. It has some pretty decent reviews on Goodreads (lots of three and four stars), so I’m really excited to actually pick this up! I love historical elements in books!

5) The Twilight Before Christmas

I don’t know why, but apparently I’m in a holiday/paranormal romance vibe. I bought this at the end of November on Kindle after seeing Teresa at @reads_romance on Instagram posting about it being on sale! It sounded fun, it sounded different, and it sounded like exactly what I was in the mood for! I’ve been reading a lot of gothic romance, romantic suspense, and mystery/thriller novels lately so this felt like a good balance between holiday reads and the darker, spooky kind of reads I was into lately! I’ve also never read a Christine Feehan novel (although I own a few) and I haven’t read a PRN in a hot minute, so I’m really excited to pick this up!


I may include some Harlequin novels, maybe an audiobook, or some of the smaller reads I have saved on my Kindle or on my Scribd account! I like being able to incorporate some of the smaller, often forgotten reads I own! Also, I’m at 61/65 books for my 2020 Goodreads goal! YAY! Only four more books and I’ll have met my goal! This is the most I’ve set ever, so it’s been really fun to push my reading game up this year!

I have a few other Christmas romances on my shelves that I won’t be able to get to this month, I’m sure of that, so we’ll see if I push some into January! I may also pick up a nonfiction book this month. I love picking up a nonfiction read and then going through it slowly over a month or two and I’ve had some really great reads I’ve picked up recently, so we’ll see.

What are you reading this month?


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