Wrap-Up | November 2020


November is officially over and the Winter months have started, which means it’s time for a monthly wrap! I had a great reading month in November and was able to complete my TBR except for one book, so that’s a win if you ask me!

I actually read six books in November when my usual is four, so it helped push me to 61/65 books for my Goodreads goal! It’s the most I’ve ever read in a year and the biggest reading goal I’ve set for myself, so I’m really proud of myself for pursuing this hobby even when I was tired and wanted to watch TV. Reading gives me such immense joy, but sometimes I’m lazy and need a push to read/blog.

I read an interesting mix of books in November, too. YA fantasy, contemporary romance, mystery/thriller, middle grade. I really ran the gamut in November! I read some damn good books, too. Two five-star reads! SO exciting! Let’s dive in!

1) Stranger, Seducer, Protector

4 Stars

My first finished read in November is one of the Harlequin Shivers novel I picked up last month! I honestly loved reading this and am so happy I went ahead and got the whole series at once! They can be read as standalone novels, which is what I’m going to be doing, and I was so happy I picked this one up first. It has a scholar heroine. A spooky manor house. The New Orleans setting. The decades long family secrets. A hero with a past. A moody cat. And a serial killer lurking about. It had it ALL! This was a breeze to read and really fun, honestly. Gothic romance is my thing and this just cemented it.

2) The Curse of the Arctic Star

2 Stars

My second read of November was this little three hour audiobook, the first in the newer Nancy Drew series. While I enjoyed the narrator and some of the elements of the book, I don’t think it worked for me and I’m honestly not sure how it would work for middle grade readers. Nancy and her friends are colleged age, which already doesn’t seem relatable for younger readers, but they also don’t go through any of those typical middle grade problems like school issues or family problems. It was a bit of a miss for me and I probably won’t be continuing on in the series.

3) Lair of Dreams

5 Stars

I finished Lair of Dreams in November and boy, what a ride. I seriously am obsessed with this series and I’ve only read two books. I’ll probably pick up book three in January, but I can’t wait! This had so many interesting elements compared to the first novel in the series; dream world, Chinese culture, new Diviners, and more! Also, that fake relationship???? I DIE. Sam Lloyd is my literal husband and I loved the deeper side I got to see of him in this novel. I am entirely clueless about the overall plot/mystery to this series so I’m very much looking forward to continuing the series, as well.

4) Home Before Dark

5 Stars

One of my favorite reads of the month and of the year, Home Before Dark is the newest release from thriller powerhouse Riley Sager! It was actually my first Sager read and I blew through this, I could hardly put it down. It’s the perfect mix of a murder mystery, The Haunting of Hill House, and The Amityville Horror. I loooooooved this one and I can see why it was one of the most buzzed about books on Goodreads and Instagram. I couldn’t rave about this enough, seriously read this book.

5) Beholden to the Throne

2 Stars

I picked this up from the library because I wanted something short and sexy to read, but this one was strange. It started out really strong and I was super in to it; I didn’t realize that the Sheikh thing was such a recurring theme in Harlequin novels, but I actually really enjoy that element. It was just super cheesy and the chemistry was…. strange. I don’t know. It started out strong and I was invested, but it ended on a weird note for me. I’ll keep trying and reading Harlequin though! I love the bite-sized romances, even if they’re more on the cheesy side!

6) One By One

1 Star

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Wow. My last read for November that I finished on the last day of November. My god. This book, ya’ll. I can’t even. I haven’t written my review yet but I cannot get over how much I hated this. It was so ungodly boring and I’m pissed about the whole premise and climax and the way the this whole book was butchered. I have read and reviewed every single one of Ware’s other books and I have enjoyed them, some more than others, when it comes to writing and atmosphere even if I didn’t like the mystery element. I can’t with this one. Skip it.


I had a really interesting November. Some five star reads and a one star read (which RARELY happens to me), middle grade to YA to contemporary romance and everything in between. My December is going to consist of a lot of holiday romances, but I’m interested to see if it’ll top my November!


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