My Most Disappointing Reads of 2020


I read so many great books in 2020, my top reads of the year post proves that, but with every read there is a hit and a miss. I feel fairly lucky that I’ve read 66 books this year (so far) and I have more books on my top of the year post than I will here!

I try really hard to enjoy everything I read because I always buy/order/request books on the synopsis so there must have been some element I liked, so I try not only to finish books but to at least enjoy some of the aspects. This works for me, too! I always end up liking one or two elements of a book even if it didn’t work for me overall. That being said, there are just some books that were irredeemable in my eyes…

I’m going to go ahead and include two of the books I DNF’d in 2020, as well! These aren’t going to be in any particular order, either, I’m just listing as they come to me.

1) One By One

HA HA HA. I know I said these aren’t going to be in any order but I do believe this will be my WORST read of 2020. Sweet Jesus. Also full disclosure, don’t click the link unless you’re interested in reading a spoiler filled review. I was neither kind nor secretive in this review. I seriously cannot believe that this was even published, to be honest. This had some seriously mixed reviews even prior to it’s release and I absolutely adore Ruth Ware’s books and knew I’d read it anyway. Now, if you’ve been with me since 2017 you’ll know that Ware is a hit or miss for me type of author. This was a MAJOR miss. I hated it. I loathed it. I abhor it. I cannot with this book. Now, that being said, I still LOOOOOOVE The Woman in Cabin 10 and The Turn of the Key. Read those. Skip this.

2) Winterwood

I….. am sad. Still. Winterwood was a huge disappointment for me this year as I was so excited about it in the first place. Ernshaw’s debut novel The Wicked Deep was phenomenal and I was looking forward to her carrying that momentum into her next novels, but Winterwood was a flop if there ever was one. This lacked all the emotions and depth of her first novel and it was almost… annoying in the way the writing was trying to be too lyrical. It had romance but it was strange and there was no actual connection between the characters, and I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t really enjoy anything about this book and that HURT me. Ugh. Hopefully she can get back some of what she lost with this one, so I’ll be excited to read whatever else she writes in the future.

3) The Curse of the Arctic Star

Uhhhhhhh I still feel sad about this one. I don’t know if I really found anything wrong with this one, but I definitely didn’t find anything right. It was a super quick read (3 hour audiobook) and it had about 100 characters. It was so confusing for no real reason. Then, there wasn’t anything fun happening in this book. Nancy talks incessantly about the “case” and drags her friends away from fun things. Not to mention the fact that her friend brings her boyfriend and for some reason they refuse to tell said boyfriend about the “case” or absolutely no reason. I just didn’t get anything with this book. Plus these kids are all college aged and there wasn’t a hint of middle grade tropes/themes/etc. in this book. It just wasn’t what I was expecting nor wanting at that moment.

4) The Grip of It

A classic case of starting strong and ending…. strangely. I thought this was genuinely creepy, especially in the first portion, but the writing style was definitely something I was not used to. Also, this book had no real ending… It was very odd. I think that’s a good sum-up for the whole book. I think there were a lot of things happening in the books and lots of plot lines running but there is no conclusion to the book and I never felt like the story resolved. I ended with more questions than answers, and that was the biggest disappointment of this book.

5) Making a Play

Oh LAWD. Ya’ll know I love Abbi Glines and while I enjoy her YA books her NA novels are really my jam. I’ve been working through her Field Party series and I think at this point I’ve read them all with the exception of the newest one releasing in 2021, and this was by far the WORST one she’s written in the series. This is insta-love to the MAX and the whole novel takes place in the span of a WEEK. I’m talking introduction, falling in love, the conflict and break up, the resolution. I don’t understand. Here’s the worst part. The conflict here comes from the fact that the hero is black and the heroine’s family doesn’t like it but how oh HOW is that serious conflict supposed to be solved in a week. It was a decent premise for a story and there was some serious representation happening, but the delivery was sub-par, at best.

2020 DNF’s


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