My Review Policy


This blog, as well as all the reviews and discussions on it, are all 100% my opinion or the opinion of others. I don’t lie in my reviews, they’re all totally honest. I will not be accepting books in exchange for positive reviews, but I will be accepting them for HONEST reviews! I do have accounts with NetGalley and Penguin’s First To Read program, but all books obtained through those channels will be accompanied by my honest opinion and reviews and the disclaimer I got the book through a third party!

I will try my hardest to keep all my reviews as spoiler free as possible, but sometimes my rating is largely tied to what happened in the book. If the review does contain spoilers I promise to inform you before the review starts!

If you are a publisher or author and wish to send me a copy of your book then head on over to my contact page and find my details there!



5 Stars

5 Stars: I loved this book!

4 Stars

4 Stars: I really liked it, but it wasn’t favorite material.

3 Stars

3 Stars: Liked it. Didn’t have any strong feelings one way or the other.

2 Stars

2 Stars: It was okay.

1 Star

1 Star: Didn’t like it.


Then, of course, are the books I DNF’d (did not finish). I will not be reviewing or rating those books because how can I rate a book I didn’t finish, obviously. I will, however, be discussing these books on my Goodreads where I’ll place it on my DNF shelf and write a comment or two about why I didn’t finish it.