Vicki Delany’s ‘Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen’ Review

It's always Christmas in Rudolph, New York, and Merry Wilkinson likes it that way. But a murder and a string of small fires around town has Merry worrying there is a Grinch among her friends and neighbors, and it's up to her to save Christmas.   Published: November 3rd, 2015 Publisher: Berkley Mystery Pages: 294 … Continue reading Vicki Delany’s ‘Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen’ Review

Stephanie Kate Strohm’s ‘Prince in Disguise’ Review

  Dylan Leigh is tired of being stuck in her older sister's spotlight, but when Dusty lands a reality show on a major network, the spotlight gets too out of hand. When everyone travels to Scotland for Dusty's 'royal' wedding, Dylan gets a lesson in love, family, and being yourself.   Published: December 19th, 2017 … Continue reading Stephanie Kate Strohm’s ‘Prince in Disguise’ Review

Deanna Raybourn’s ‘A Treacherous Curse’ Review

Sharp-tongued mystery solver Veronica Speedwell and her darkly handsome partner Revelstoke Templeton-Vane have landed themselves in the midst of a disappearance. Is it the result of a mummy's curse, or something more sinister?   Published: Expected to be published January 16th, 2018 Publisher: Berkley Publishing Series: Veronica Speedwell Mysteries #3     "I cannot rid … Continue reading Deanna Raybourn’s ‘A Treacherous Curse’ Review